Obtaining a Residence Permit in Turkey in 2023

Obtaining a Residence Permit in Turkey in 2023

Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey in 2023

Turkey is one of the most comfortable countries for recreation and living. In addition to the obvious advantages: convenient geographical location, mild climate, luxurious beaches and inexpensive fruits, it is worth paying attention to the social sphere. The Turkish authorities invest a lot in infrastructure and actively develop medicine and education. Even in small towns, you can be sure of quality service in hos Seeing all the positive aspects of living in Turkey, foreigners are thinking about a longer stay in the country. Ordinary tourists can stay in the country from 30 to 90 (for a total of six months). In order to legally stay in the country for more than a specified period, you need to obtain a residence permit (Ikamet).pitals and high standards of education in schools, lyceums and universities.

Any foreigner, in accordance with the current law No. 6458 of 2013, can obtain a residence permit, giving the right to stay in the country for up to 2 years or more.

Types of residence permit. There are several types of residence permit depending on the purpose and reasons for staying in the country: short-term, long-term, family, student, humanitarian and residence permit for victims of human trafficking. A short-term residence permit also includes obtaining an ikamet for the purchase of real estate for a certain amount and an ikamet for doing business in Turkey and making investments.

Important! To date, the Turkish authorities have reduced the term of the tourist ikamet from one year to 6 months.

To submit an initial application for a residence permit, a foreigner must be over 18 years of age with health insurance. You need to provide a notarized rental agreement or TAPU, a bank statement of financial solvency (minimum $ 500 per month), four biometric photographs, an original and a copy of a passport certified by a notary. Depending on the purpose of obtaining a residence permit, the package of documents may vary.

You can apply online at the e-ikamet portal. You can check the status of the application in the same place or in the section “results of checking personal data on a residence permit” on the website of the Main Directorate of the Migration Service.

After collecting the entire package of documents, the candidate is waiting for the interview stage at the migration service at the place of stay. The application may considered for up to 90 days. All this time, a foreigner can legally stay in the country. In the absence of any problems, the residence permit card is sent to the post office.

To obtain an ikamet, you do not need to learn Turkish and pass an exam on its knowledge.

What gives a residence permit to a foreigner, in addition to being in the country?

• Opening a bank account.
• Access to local health care and education.
• Free entry and exit from the country.
• Purchase of local SIM-cards.
• Use of public services.

Important! A residence permit does not entitle a foreigner to work. But you can get a work permit by finding a job in a foreign company that has an office in Turkey, or by getting a job directly with a Turkish company.

To extend the residence permit, a similar package of documents is collected as during the initial receipt of the ikamet. The application must be submitted 60 days before its expiration date and in any case before the expiration date. In addition to other expenses, you need to pay a fee.

If the address of residence has changed during the period of validity of the residence permit, it is necessary to submit the necessary documents to the city directorate of the migration service and the city department for population affairs within 20 working days.

One of the most popular ways to get ikamet is to buy real estate. Prices for apartments, villas, flats can pleasantly surprise you compared to other countries.

The latest amendments to the immigration program have established new minimum thresholds for real estate investment depending on the chosen place of residence:

• In major cities, amounts start at $75,000.

• In sparsely populated cities and regions - from $50,000.

Also, the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs published a list of "closed areas" of 1169 objects in which a foreigner cannot purchase real estate to obtain a residence permit and citizenship. In these areas, the number of foreign population exceeds 20%. These restrictions also apply to areas in Istanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Antalya and Alanya. A complete list of "closed zones" can be found on the portal goc.gov.tr.

The new rules do not apply to those who managed to obtain a primary residence permit in the "forbidden zones" before the introduction of restrictions and extend it on the same grounds without changing their place of residence. But if the primary residence permit was obtained for the purchase of an object in another area, and an application for an extension was submitted after moving to the “closed” areas of Turkey, then a foreign citizen will be refused. To extend the term of the ikamet, other grounds must be provided.

To apply for a long-term residence permit, as well as to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship, a number of conditions must be met without fail:

• Residence in Turkey for more than 8 years.

• No criminal record.

• Making valid health insurance.

• Lack of financial assistance from the state during the last 3 years.

• Material strength and stable income.

Important! When applying for a long-term residence permit, the period of stay in the country on the basis of a tourist tax will not be taken into account.

What rights does a long-term residence permit give? Subject to compliance with all norms, a foreigner is endowed with almost all the rights of a Turkish citizen. Exceptions are: compulsory military service, suffrage and voting, prohibition of work in state structures and a number of other special provisions of the law.

It is much faster and much easier to obtain Turkish citizenship through the state program of economic citizenship "Golden Visa", where a foreigner invests in the economy of the Republic of Turkey. This is done by buying real estate, investing in a pension fund, buying government bonds, or starting a business.

Applying for a residence permit is a rather painstaking legal procedure. In order to avoid wrong steps when collecting the necessary documents, to exclude unnecessary financial losses, refusal and deportation, we recommend contacting trustworthy lawyers and trusted agencies.

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